Why Travel Zebra?

I love to plan. My perfect vacation is always when I don’t have to think, I can bop from day to day having a wonderful, carefree time. My husband thinks this all magically happens – but guess what, hours of pre-planning is what makes the trip so easy. Even better? I like to do it. After years of helping friends and family plan trips, I started to explore what my options were to join the travel industry, months of research later – The Travel Zebra was born! I have been busy working with major Travel Destinations to learn as much as I can about their offerings and how I can get the best deals for my clients. I am now a Disney College of Knowledge Graduate, a Universal Parks Agent, a Cruise Line Industry member (card carrying!), and much, much more.

I want to find you the best deal, saving you money is my goal. I want to get my clients the most joy and experiences for their hard earned vacation savings. That’s it, that’s the whole reason I’ve started here.

Now for the Zebra part – I’ve been genetically blessed with a compromised immune system, and by compromised I mean non-existent. This has shaped every part of my life, including when, where, and how I can travel. The Zebra is the mascot of the rare disease community, something that has taken me awhile to embrace. No one likes their life changing with a diagnosis, but I’ve learned to embrace, adapt, and kick-ass.

This has given me an interesting opportunity to understand individual’s special needs while planning and traveling. Let me know what you need to consider – what will make your trip perfect? I am here to help!

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